Aymara Online Course – Level 1

Aymara Online Course – Level 1

Aymara is one of the major languages of South America and the official language of Bolivia and Peru. It is through this dialect that the native Aymara people are continuing an authentic, unbroken link back to the great native civilisations of the Andes, and keeping the human connection alive with their ancestors.

The dialect prides itself with remarkable pronunciation, eloquence and the ability to lever abstract concepts.

This mysterious language which linguist Ludovico Bertonio attempted to learn in the early 17th century, will surely captivate you with its natural perfection.


This short course has been designed to provide you with all the essentials that you would expect to gain from your first experience with Aymara.

  • You will discover the keywords and phrases to gain insight into the local culture and your surroundings
  • You will recognise the alphabet and the sounds in Aymara and be able to use the numbers 1-20
  • Meet and greet people with a general introduction using simple greetings
  • Enjoy using colours and implementing them as descriptive words them in conversations
  • Gain an understanding of the days of the week and be able to ask and tell the time
  • Confidently talk about professions, various countries and the area in which you live
  • Exchange your phone number and contact details
  • Explore food and drinks in Aymara and discuss your preferences


  • Learning a second language is great for travel, knowing more than one language naturally opens up your vacation destination possibilities.
  • Once you learn one language it is much easier to acquire additional languages as you can apply the same techniques when learning.
  • Acquiring a second language improves your memory and increases your attention span.
  • The process of becoming bilingual exercises your brain, challenges you to concentrate and boosts your problem solving skills.
  • Employers are looking for multilingual candidates. They consider this a valuable asset in an employees skill-set.
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