Australian English Online Course – Level 1

Australian English Online Course – Level 1

Australian English is a language that owns a distinctive vocabulary and accent. The major features of the accent were established by the 1830s.

Aboriginal languages heavily influence the Australian English, hence making it quite different from modern English. The vocabulary and terms stem from the geographical location of the country and the accent varieties reflect the social class or educational background of an individual.

Australia is a beautiful country, with red desert sands, sophisticated cities and indigenous stories.


This programme will prepare you with key expressions and phrases that will help you to engage in simple, friendly conversations and convey a sense of appreciation for the language and the culture.

  • Discover the alphabet and sounds used in Australian English
  • Become familiar and get more comfortable with the ‘Aussie’ accent
  • Learn how Australian English differs from modern English
  • Learn how to introduce yourself and others
  • Learn and implement colours into your communication
  • Explore the use of numbers 1-20
  • Know the days of the week
  • Learn to convey simple greetings
  • Talk about your occupation
  • Discuss countries and talk about where you live
  • Be able to ask and tell the time
  • Exchange contact details
  • Hold a conversation about your general food likes and dislikes
  • Talk your way around the kitchen


  • Becoming bilingual offers a ready-made excuse to travel to a foreign country.
  • No matter what corner of the globe you’re exploring, going somewhere you already know the native language takes much of the stress out of traveling abroad.
  • You’ll have an easier time navigating public transportation, ordering dinner and meeting new people along the way.
  • Understanding a country’s language means you can feel more comfortable as you travel and truly make the most of the experience.
  • Australia is keen to attract skilled workers in a variety of sectors; therefore, having a second language under your belt will make you a stronger candidate when seeking job opportunities.
  • Today’s globally connected economy means that businesses have a need for anyone who can communicate in more than one language.
  • This could be the language that connects you with family members living in Australia. Learning to communicate in their native language is one of the best ways to explore your family’s heritage.
  • By studying another language, you can acquire a healthier brain.
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