Diet & Nutrition Advisor

Diet & Nutrition Advisor

Diet and nutrition are a massive talking point in society with everyone now being obsessed with what is going into their body. The media, both traditional and social media, have become a constant source of scrutiny for people’s health and wellbeing, with hints and tips for healthy eating habits being put everywhere, and fitness fanatics coming out of the woodwork on every available platform.

This course is aimed at giving you clear, concise, straight forward diet and nutrition advice. You will also be able to educate others on health and wellbeing through diet and nutrition to give your friends and family a healthier outlook on life.


  • The Digestive System
  • Lifestyle & Its Effects on Diet
  • Digestion and Absorption of Foods
  • Consultation & Record Cards
  • Food Energy Values
  • The Nutrient Groups
  • Metabolism & Exercise
  • The Balanced Diet
  • Deficiencies & Disorders
  • Sources & Functions of the Nutrient Groups
  • RDAs and RNAs
  • Meal Planning & Population Groups
  • Allergies & Intolerances


  • Build a healthier lifestyle for you, your friends and your family.
  • Experienced and qualified tutors available to support you throughout your course.
  • Post module assessments to help you track your development and back up the knowledge.
  • Utilise the knowledge in this course to help you build a career as a personal trainer or nutritionist.
  • The digestive system
  • Lifestyle & its effects on diet
  • Digestion and absorption of foods
  • The concept of healthy eating
  • Consultation & record cards
  • Food energy values
  • The Nutrient groups
  • Metabolism & exercise
  • The balanced diet
  • Deficiencies & disorders
  • Sources & functions of the nutrient groups
  • RDAs and RNAs
  • Meal planning & population groups
  • Allergies & intolerances
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