Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is a key life skill that’s essential in a wide range of workplaces. Whether you need to communicate with customers in a customer facing role, or with colleagues, good communication can make all the difference to whether you’re successful in your position. Developing your communication skills can give you a clear advantage in a business or workplace environment, elevating you to a position as a sought after employee.

What Will I Learn?

This short course will look at the benefits of effective communication within the workplace, the barriers to achieving this and how to overcome them. Learners will be left with a deeper understanding of communication and tools to enable better communication, such as active listening.

How Will I Study?

Short courses are the perfect choice for quickly and easily adding important skills to your CV. This course offers a number of different learning tools, including lesson, video, website and additional reading resources. You can study whenever you have a block of free time and an internet connection and suitable device, whether that’s in your lunch break, at home, while commuting or any other time.


The key focus of this short course is to develop a deeper understanding of the types and benefits of clear communication, and to equip you with effective tools to improve your own communication skills.

  • Learn about the various communication models and theories.
  • Understand what makes effective and clear communication.
  • Discover how communication impacts on negotiations and how to use good communication skills to your advantage.
  • Learn about the barriers to effective communication, so you’re then able to consciously avoid them.
  • Look at written, verbal and non verbal types of communication.
  • Understand body language and how it can affect communication, despite being non verbal.
  • Find out about ‘active listening’ and how it can be used to boost communication.
  • Improve your communication across a number of methods, including letters, agendas, notes, emails and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Focus especially on communication in the workplace, and how effective communication can help boost your worth as an employee.


  • Improved communication skills are a benefit both inside the workplace and in everyday life. Learning how to better communicate with people will positively impact all your relationships, both professional and personal.
  • Excellent communication skills are sought after by employers, whether the role requires customer interaction or communication within the business.
  • Website, video and additional learning materials all aid learning and will expand on the knowledge gained in the short course lesson.
  • Technical support is available.
  • You’ll have access to all the short course materials for 12 months.

Enjoy all the clear benefits that improved communication skills bring with this easy to follow short course that will speak volumes on any CV.

This CACHE endorsed course is delivered by Laser Learning, our official partner.

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